Finding a good plastic surgeon

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Hi all

I've been haunting this board for a couple months now. Thank you all for your sharing and your courage.

I had a mastectomy last August, left-side, following a diagnosis of DCIS. The day after the mastectomy they found esophageal cancer, so I've been dealing with that. Now, thankfully, I'm NED and am finally ready to deal with reconstruction.

I'd like to find a plastic surgeon experienced in DIEP procedure,and working with tissue that's been radiated.

Any suggestions or recommendations? I live in Montana, but expect to travel out of state - possibly Seattle.



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    I'm so sorry ... but I can not help you .. I live in
    Southern California. Have you tried the American Cancer Society .. ?

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    If your
    planning on doing this out of state, looks at the plastic surgeons at MD Anderson.
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    Dr. Robert Allen
    Dr. Allen pioneered the DIEP procedure and he has trained most of the plastic surgeons in the US. He did my oldest sister's bilateral reconstruction and he did my original left sided reconstruction and then my right side. Extremely compassionate and brilliant. I believe he now does surgery in S.C., NY and New Orleans. He does have a web site: I can't imagine anyone not recommending him. Good luck!
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    Finding a good plastic surgeon
    My PS was a referral from my breast surgeon and I loved her. Have you thought about contacting the surgeon that did your MX and ask them who they recommend? Since a lot of women have immediate reconstruction after MX the BS usually will have one or two PS they prefer to work with. You will definitely want a PS that specializes in reconstruction and not just cosmetic procedures. Good luck!