Diabetes and Cancer treatment

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Do any of you have Diabetes? If so, how did your treatment impact your Diabetes control?

Glenn is a Diabetic. Nothing unusual happening yet but I expect to have to make some adjustments at some point.


  • Pumakitty
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    My dad is
    My dad just finished treatment today. He is also diabetic and it did not seem to have an impact on his. However, he was one of the lucky ones that had very few problems through treatment.
  • friend of Bill
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    Before cancer I was diabetic and had hypertension for many years. I weighed 242. After surgery, chemo and radiation was 192 and my blood sugar was normal and blood pressure was fine. (Had to use a special diabetic feeding by PEG). I don't know if this is rare but it was an unexpected and welcomed side effect. I hated the finger sticks and unpleasant side effects of BP meds. Hope your dad gets lucky like me.