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I hate this. I mean, I am so happy that you found this place, but I am sorry you needed to. I have been thinking on what I would want to be told if this were a year earlier...and this is what I think the thing is I have learned from our journey.


I wish I would have done that when we were first told. Because I lost valuable time just numb and saying goodbye to my husband over and over again. Time we could have spent on living and enjoying one another.

We are no longer in remission, but you know what, we live. Every day. Somedays he has good days, and somedays they are bad. We love one another hard, and we live our lives and we love on our kids.

We make the best medical decisions we can and we leave the rest to God. And we pray a lot. We have been blessed to find so much encouragement places like this, and to be able to in turn, give that encouragement to others.

It is like giving a gift that is more important than your house--and you can't give it until you have received it.

So Live. Live. Enjoy every day. If you go into remission for years and years, don't forget and start blundering through life again. Live every day. Really live it. Love, laugh, praise the God who gives and who takes, and who carries you through. Kiss your kids if you have them. Hug your spouse. Call your siblings and laugh with them.

And know that there is life during cancer. Welcome, and I'm so sorry you all have to be here.



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    Good advice
    What good advice! You are so right.
    I know what you mean about realizing it sooner, but it is so hard when you're so numb in the beginning. As they say, I wish I knew then what I know now....

    I cherish the time we have now. And hope that my husband can gain some strength to do some of the things he truly enjoys.

    We're all in this together and it is comforting to know we are not alone.