Frustrated with mom.

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My mom has smoked for 49 years and is now having problems breathing. She went to on-call dr. He took x-rays found a black spot on lungs. He dx her with copd, sent her to her dr. He ordered another test same dx copd. He wants her to go to sleep center for a c-pak. Dr. then calls says he's not 100% comfortable, wants her to see a specialist. That's been 3 weeks ago, she hasn't done anything. She makes up all kinds of excuses. And on top of all that she is still smoking.
I do not live near her. I have tried to make her see this is serious, she just blows it off. My oldest sister has decided to take vacation and go there to take her to the dr. She says dumb things and it's frustrating me to the point that I can't hear it anymore.

How do you get someone to go to the dr. if they don't want to? especially with it being this serious.


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    Unfortantelty ms.sunshine
    Unfortantelty ms.sunshine she is probably just scared and we can all relate to that. Just keep her in your prayers and maybe your sister can convince her while shes there.
    Just keep your chin up!
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    Some people can't stop
    Some people can't stop smoking. I had a family member who wanted to quit but just couldn't even tho she had lung issues.

    If she really doesn't want to go, you can't make her. It's her decision. Maybe your sister will get her to go. Maybe it's that she doesn't know who to see. It's hard picking a doctor out. Maybe if you did some research and find one and tell her the background she'd be more accepting of going.
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    Ms. Sunshine, my mother also
    Ms. Sunshine, my mother also had COPD. It is a very frightening disease, especially when it gets to the stage where breathing is an issue and you feel like you can't catch your breath. My mom's doctor explained their breathng difficulty like this....take the little straw that you use to stir coffee and put it to your lips and breath through it. It's very difficult to get oxygen. My mom did quit smoking and joined a pulmonary rehab group at her hospital. This exercising helped extend her life. She actually lived with my husband and me during the last years of her life. It wasn't easy at times but at least I knew she was being taken care of. Until your mom is ready to go or until breathing becomes more of an issue, all you can do is encourage her. Good luck!