ACT infusion #4 today, 4 more then Rads

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Surgery (mastectomy) was 3 weeks ago...Chemo #4 completed today....with 4 more chemo cycles to go. Today I was told I would also need radiation treatments since the cancer was in at least 4 lymph nodes (they removed 11). Actually, I wasn't told....until I asked if that was to happen so I could plan my life.........and I knew to ask this because of this site! So, the journey seems longer now than I had originally been told or planned....but it is what is. I wanted to say I very much appreciated reading the posts on Radiation today.........even though my rads won't start til October, I wanted to know more about it and possible side effects and how you all have coped with it. And, I do plan to take my oncologists advice, and I do know that we are all different, and nontheless, all the posts were helpful to me in seeing the bigger picture for that phase of my treatment. When I first got dx'd it was a whilwind and I knew nothing...just went like a cattle going to wasn't until I waS already in pre-surgery chemo #2 that I cam across this site...and wow, what a great help to me as a newbie and full of information. It is good to know how different people are affected, what might or could be expected, and even what questions to ask my docs. Thanks to all of you!


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    The rads post is a great
    The rads post is a great tool of information. It is long, but, it really helped a lot of us as so many of us were going thru rads at the time. Best of luck to you!

    Hugs, Leeza