Chemo started yesterday and we're already in the ER

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This morning's bout of vomiting was something I was prepared for. The severe pain around the right eye was puzzling. The spike in blood sugar was expected. The trip to the ER, and admission till Saturday...Surprise, Surprise! Is this really what this road will be like? And we just started!!! Poor Pops! Eating and drinking has been near impossible for him for the past three weeks, but today was the worst! The stent worked slightly but the tumor is such a pain (literally)!! My mom's a nutritionist so she knows when the lack of caloric intake is near crisis level. Today's that day. Ugh!!! Getting the J-tube on Friday will definitely help. Until then, the doctor has ordered total parenteral nutrition (TPN)for him.
Cancer Sucks,


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    Sorry for the difficult start

    I am sorry about the difficult start. I ended up in the ER my first week of chemo as well. In my case it was only dehydration and after a couple IV bags of fluid I was on my way home. I think the j-tube will be helpful. I used mine for the first few weeks after I came back from the hospital.

    I am a bit surprised at the vomiting though. Didn't they give him an IV pre-medication with something like Emend prior to the chemo infusion along with take home nausea meds?

    I would say this is not what the road should be like. Chemo is not a bed of roses but they should be able to manage the side effects better than your current experience. Unfortunately it takes some trial and error to find out what works best for each individual.

    I am glad your dad is where they can keep a close eye on him while they sort out what will work best for him.

    I hope he feels better soon,

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    We have the same story!
    Thanks so much for sharing Sherri! The visiting nurse was coming this afternoon to set up the IV hydration but we decided to go to the ER even before they got there. When we get back home we will set it up again. I just read your message to my dad. I just keep telling him that the worse he feels, the more he knows that the chemo is zapping the cancer cells. That line of logic is working...for now... I'll keep you posted.