Finding Polypes

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I have recently discovered, what I think is a Polype. It feels like a cyst growing from the inside but swelling to the outside. It is right above the rectum. It is causing pain and discomfort. Could this be a Polype? Please give me some feed back! thank You


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    unknown said:

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    Don't be like me and wait til a tumor is about to start
    wandering throughout your body---see a doctor ASAP. Don't know your age, general state of health, etc but sounds like a painless colonoscopy is in order......Do not hesitate to see your doctor....steve
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    I agree with others..
    It's never wise to self-diagnose.

    I WILL say, tho, it could also be a hemorrhoid (sp?). Painful, yes. Bleeding, occasionally. At my exam the other day (where my doctor complemented me on my beautiful rectal, his first words were: "So, you have a hemorrhoid?" "Yup, got it as a present from my first child", I said....ROFL!

    GET THEE to a DOCTOR....better safe than sorry!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Nobody can treat what you can't see....
    I agree with everyone... Get thee to a doctor. Could be a hemorrhoid or could be something else.

    Love and Hugs...