One more question about what to eat before chemo

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I'm getting really annoying but i really want to know what most of you eat before chemo. Since this is my last treatment i want to try to make my side effects as limited as i can. My first treatment of a/c chemo ended with 9 hours of praying to the porcelain goddess because i felt so darn good and "I'm going to eat this can of soup, a rice krispy treat and lets not forget the big plate of beef chop suey", all consumed after chemo. What a dummy i was! I did learn my lesson though. 2nd treatment..hmm..cant remember but i don't think i ate much and started emmend that time.I don't think it was too bad.Last treatment i ate a yogurt and some crackers right before and a yogurt after coming home.I never got sick but the darn nausea was there for 9 hours straight.Someone give me a few suggestions on what they eat beforehand.My doc says an empty stomach is no good but to eat light.


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    JD -
    I eat my usual breakfast before I go - Usually some cereal or yogurt and a piece of toast. Once I did a poached egg with a piece of toast. I do take a snack or two with me to chemo and keep something on my stomach. After chemo, besides drinking, I eat smaller meals but more frequently(whatever sounds good to me) because I have found that if I put too much on my stomach it causes bloating and indigestion. I also make sure I don't eat anything (except maybe a popsicle) two hours before going to bed. I had some stomach problems at the beginning (but no significant nausea or vomiting) and it has gotten better over the last several rounds. My onc also lets me start taking omeprazole a couple days before and after chemo and this seems to have helped as well.

    Congratulations on yur final chemo - mine is next Friday!!
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    Congrats, Janice, only one
    Congrats, Janice, only one more!! I usually ate some oatmeal and maybe a piece of toast on the mornings before chemo. I also took grapes along to eat during the 3-4 hour process. I also made sure to NOT drink coffee on the mornings of chemo because the one time I did, my nurse had a heck of a time getting a vein. She said "no coffee but drink plenty of water to "plump" up the veins. Who would have thought????
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    I usually had a normal
    I usually had a normal breakfast of cereal. They served us a boxed lunch during chemo, which was fine, but for some reason I had to be really careful after chemo. The day of my first A/C infusion I had a tuna sandwhich and bean salad and threw it up almost immediately. Another time something similar happened before I finally wised up. After that I only had bannanas, toast,jello, and water drinks for about 2 days and that did the trick. I also had to have a very light diet about 4 or 5 days after due to delayed nausea.