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Thanks for the words of encouragement.
He had a rough night, pain from the urgency to pee. Some discomfort at the incision sites. Basically on and off sleeping yesterday. MUCH better today. Moving slowly but up in the room, eating okay. Pain and discomfort under control. But experiencing the rebound pain from the CO2 from the surgery.

The doctor was in and it looks like he'll be going home later today. He wants him up and walking and if that's tolerated well he can go.

We did have a rep from the cancer dept. come in a speak with us answering questions. They offer massages to the patients, but he declined for today. But he can come in and get them in the future as part of the follow up treatment- part of the hospitals' offerings. She also told us about the support group, which he/we plan to attend. She said the group was very vocal and encouraging with sharing all of their experiences.

I can definitely say right now he is definitely mentally better than prior to the surgery. I can tell he's relieved now that the surgery is over and we can begin to move on.

Next step, lunch is here.. time to eat, get up and walk and then GO HOME!!


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    Welcome to you and your
    Welcome to you and your husband to the other side. Just think HE IS NOW A CANCER SURVIVOR!!!
    He will heal quickly but incourage him to WALK, WALK and WALK. Also take time for your self.

    The support groups will be a tremendous help to you and your husband. I went for about 2 months post surgery and have stopped going now. THough I love to offer support on this forum any way I can.

    Larry age 55
    Another Prostate Cancer Survivor
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    A guys wife
    Suggestion I found really worked well when first arriving home. For sleeping at night, I slept in a lazyboy recliner because it was much less painful than in bed lying flat at least for the first week. I also use a C-Pap machine due to some sleep apnea and it worked really good in the chair also along with the cath bag on the side. Also, if they gave you pain meds - take em especially just before bed as it will help him get a good night sleep. I always kept two pills on the ready with water right next to the lazyboy so if I woke up at 3-4am could pop em and continue sleeping...I really felt like my great nights sleep early on was a huge contributing factor in my quick and painfree recovery.

    If you have any other questions fire away.

    Randy in Indy
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    once home -
    The recliner Randy suggests is a great idea. I don't have one, so to make things a little easier I put absorbent underpads under a sheet (wetting the bed for the first time in 50+ years will be a literal wake-up call - yes I had the catheter, but I also had bladder spasms, where urine & blood may come out around the catheter tube). Then bought some inexpensive washable pillows, and used them to block myself so I would not roll over. Also, you might plan to use a sheet that is "disposable" - don't want to mess up any fancy sets. He will feel bad enough about all this without being to blame for destroying your favorite matched sets.

    There will be a big (2 liter +) "night" bag for the catheter. Hang that upright in a bucket or high dishpan by the side of the bed - something that will not turn over easily, and a towel or underpad under the bucket. That will help keep the bag valve from blocking up at night, and provide a backup if the drain clamp happens to come open. (All this from experience, mind you.)

    As Randy said, keep the pain meds close by and use them when needed. I kept a log of when and how many I took just to be sure I wasn't leaning on them too heavily. Also kept notes of how much was in the catheter bag each time I emptied it, just to remind myself to drink a lot of water - that helps prevent blockages and urinary tract infections. (That as well from experience.)

    Just some thoughts from day 1 at home -

    Hope all goes very well for you both.
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    Post surgery
    I was lucky, my wife suggested getting a lift chair and that made all the difference in the world for me. Thanks to pain meds, they kept me from suffering too much after surgery and the lift chair helped me to get up so I didn't have to stretch my stomach muscles until they had properly healed. I spent about 3 weeks sleeping in that chair. The incontinence was not a major concern for me after about a month, I wore pads for a total of 6 weeks and the last few weeks were because I was nervous about not wearing them.

    The mental effects are harder for me to get over than the physical side effects. I have had to see a shrink to deal with all that is going on in my life due to the cancer but I have a good support group with my family.

    Tood luck to both of you