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I am hoping someone can help direct me & my mom in a direction. My dad was diag w/cancer just a couple of days ago. Its mainly in his throat & tonsils. We are doing a PET scan to see exactly where & how much there is. My dad is 64 was laid off from his job just a day or two before we found out. Also, they do not have insurance. My mom doesn't work outside the home. Can anyone please direct in some place to start?

Thanks in advance for all your help.


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    My dad also found out that he had cancer in March. It is on his tongue and he is currently in the middle of treatment and doing great so far. We have found some resources to help us. My dad is 70 and only has medicare. At the hospitol we applied for assistance with reducing the bill and a payment plan. We have not heard back from them yet. I called the number that was on his first bill. Also, we were told about Medicaid for senoirs with reduced income. I am not sure what all of the qualification are but you can call you local Social Services for informtion. The American Cancer Society also provides assistance with things like transportaiton. My dad recently qualified for free Boost and Ensure drink to help with his calorie intake. If you go to their website there is a toll free number.

    I wish your family all the best with his treatment. This site is a wonderful source of information and help. We could not have gotten this far in the treatment with out the information I have gotten here.

    If you have trouble finding any of the websites or phone number or have other question feel free to send me a private message. Just clik on Pumakitty and add me to your friends list.
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    Sorry to hear about your Dad. And, that he has no insurance. If he just got laid-off, though, I think it's law in a lotta states that the former employer has to continue to offer continued insurance- though the premiums will skyrocket to what non-company people pay for that same insurance. I know of a former co-worker who still has insurance with our company, and is paying $940/month, but will only be until he can get Medicaid/Medicare coverage. YOU MUST GET THE INSURANCE ANGLE WORKED-OUT, as the costs of cancer treatment do get high. Pet Scans, where I am, cost just under $5K. Your Dad is close to retirement coverage by the US government, at 64. You need to talk to someone who only handles finance at a hospital, or Oncology or Rad place- to find-out what is available, if he can't continue the insurance with where he used-to work.

    The above post by Pumakitty does offer some experienced advice- heed it.

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    Hi nanabob

    I agree with Kathy & Kent, explore all the avenues possible never give up hope. All the best to you and your Dad.
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    As Pumakitty and Kent
    As Pumakitty and Kent mentioned - check with the hospital or cancer center where your dad is going to receive his treatments. One of them should have a financial assistance dept. that can help you with all of the paperwork.

    When I was diagnosed last year with two different types of cancer and NO insurance (I had been laid off and was working through a temp service) my PCP contacted the hospital where I was to receive treatment and their financial assistance department contacted me before I even had an appointment with the oncologist. They filled out all of the paperwork for Medicaid and SSD and submitted it for me, I was approved for both. This help was a godsend as I had no idea where to start. I have read that head and neck cancer is considered a "compassionate allowance" and you should be approved almost immediately. I was approved in June and received my first check in January, the Medicaid was retroactive so any previous medical bills were covered. You will have to supply a lot of paperwork to be approved for Medicaid but it is definitely worth it when you have no other way of getting medical coverage. Once you start to receive your SSD you will find that the coverage from Medicaid is not as extensive because they base your assistance on your income but I have been able to work out a payment plan with my doctors.

    Please check into all of the organizations mentioned in all of the posts, I'm sure you will be surprised and relieved to find out how much assistance you can receive when you need it.

    Take care and stay strong - Glenna
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    no insurance
    Think I might be able to offer some advice on your dad's status as uninsured. Did he have health insurance thru his employer prior to being laid off? If he did then he is entitled to COBRA. This means that he can pick up his insurance and continue it if he pays the full premium + 2%. The law allows a waiting period for him to make up his mind. It will be expensive, $1000 or more a month if it covered your mom too, but it is cheaper than any hospital bill you will get. If he cannot afford the COBRA how old is he. how long before he is 65? Each State has a program for low income families but I fear you are too close to retirement age for it to get done quickly, also with this economy the waiting lists are usually calculated in extended months, even years. Medicare starts on the first of the month that you reach retirement age, so if your dad's birthday is August 30 Medicare will start August 1. Now Medicare will charge $96 a month for Part B and you will probably have to pay in excess of $100 a month to cover your supplemental and part D, so it's going to cost over $200 a month anyway for coverage at age 65. Explain to the hospitals, doctors, clinics etc that will be involved in your dad's treatment to let them know financially you are going to have a tough time, they will nearly always make concessions, he will still be liable for payment but you can get a deal if your upfront and honest. Good job you can do this before Obamacare is free and costing you twice as much. Denis