Good News no treatment needed

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Hello Everyone!
I haven't been on here in awhile. I was here in Feb. and March so scared out of my mind with the news that I had uterine cancer, but I had not been staged yet.

I finally had my surgery on April 9th and the news was very good. The doctor did a complete and total hysterectomy and also took 29 lymph nodes. She mostly found pre-cancerous cells in the endometrium(sp)and just a few cancer cells. She has staged me at
1 A endometrial cancer. There were no cancer cells in any of the other parts she took out, so she said I don't need treatment of any kind. Although she said she will be watching me for the next several years.

When I first found your wonderful group of survivors, you were a great help to me when I was so scared and had no one to talk to who understood my fears.

Thank you so much everyone for your support and understanding.



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    Happy for you, Tera!!!! I
    Happy for you, Tera!!!! I am soooo glad you shared your good news. Wishing you many years of good health. {{{{HUGS}}}} Norma
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    Tera....thank you for letting us know how you are doing! This is great news and I wish you good health forever!!

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    Tera What great news
    I am so happy you will not be joining our sisterhood. What a wonderful report. May you have many years of good health. Thanks for sharing your good news with us. Enjoy each day and celebrate life. In peace and caring.
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    Thanks Ladies
    Thank you all for your encouragement. I am praying for each of you in your recovery.

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    Tera, you struck a cord
    Hello all. Tera, God Bless!!

    I went in for a D&C for polyps last month, after irregular bleeding started about 6 months ago, along with concerns from my regular gyn. Finally got the pathology results yesterday . . . "well-differentiated adenocarcinoma" Good news, I guess, from what I'm learning in a short period of time. And, my surgeon said he was really surprised with the pathology, because it didn't look overtly suspicious, just "thickening".

    Forgive my rambling, mind is racing, of course. But, when I read Tere's post, I thought, hmmm, kinda sounds like my timing. I'm worried about a delay of 6 months from real symptoms to surgery.

    I suppose I'm just looking for safety in numbers.