Having symptoms & can not find an answer for constipation & full feeling after eating,loss of weight

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My 41 year old son is having cronic constipation & can not tolerate solid foods very well. Has a feeling of fullness after few bites of food & drink. He has lost weight & suffers with some pain. The basic test have revealed nothing. He did have a cancerous mass on his left kidney removed. They say the kidney mass had nothing to do with his other symptoms & have refered him to a teaching hospital UAB in Birmingham. Has anyone had symptoms similer to this & what test revealed your problem. Thank You.


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    Hi golleedolly,

    Has your son had a colonoscopy, that is the best way to see whats going on in there. Also is he taking pain medication, as this will cause constipation. I wish you well. Lori
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    what kind of pain meds is he
    what kind of pain meds is he currenty on?