Pet Scan Results

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My doctor called me this morning on my way to work, had to pull over, he said the Pet scan showed nothing suspicious and looked good. He said that there was some iregularities in the neck area but he believes this is from the surgery and radiation.He said it was a darkening. He said that the rad
doctor wants to do an MRI on my neck. Has anyone gotten an MRI of their neck after a Pet scan or results similar to mine?
I want to thank everyone for praying and thinking of me. I feel like the prayers were answered and believe in the power they hold.
God bless each and everyone of you. Stay strong and believe.


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    MRI - following PET
    I had a similar experience - the PET scan showed something'dark' in the neck/shoulder region. Followup MRI showed some arthritis (inflammed equalling the same kind of 'dark' area). I know it's scary - but isn't it great that there are so many tests and scans available to us so that we can get ahead of things? God bless you! Hope you continue to do OK.