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Hi everyone, my bro went to ER today and as of this moment (10:30 ish EST) is still there. He has the sunburn that comes from the radiation. I know I posted about this kinda before, but was wondering about any advise for alleaviating his pain/swelling in that particular area. He would have posted himself except that he can barely keep/get his eyes open and reading or posting is impossible at this time. ER doc gave him drops to numb his eyes -didn't do much for swelling though, or pain in outside corners where the majority of swelling is. Not sure, but has severe dryness in his sinus', nose and throat. Has whatever they gave him in hosp for lips, but even with using that his lips keep "oozing"(his words) and bleeding. I know I am not giving a lot of the particulars that may help you all to help me, but as I am in NJ and him in IL, I am doing the best I can. Just got off second round of chemo/rad 6 day cycle. I know everyone responds differently, but any input would be appreciated....Thanks...Jess


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    Trying to remember what I did...
    I remember my neck did get bad at the end, oozing a bit, and some bleeding. That was at the height of my peak pain, and I was kinda sleep deprived and delerious.... I remember trying to put on that cream, and put on a cold compress, but even that was seriously painful. I tried a soft breeze from a fan, but that hurt too. It's like those nerve endings are on fire. It stinks. I had a perscription lidocaine cream. Those were the things I tried.

    For eyes and swelling, cold compress? I also had to sleep with my head propped up or my face swelled up. I still do sleep propped up a bit, if i don't my face and eyes get puffy. I am not really comfortable that way, but I force myself. I always slept with the flatest 'pillow' on the planet. Or, pillowless. Can't do that anymore.

    Sorry I can't be of help, maybe someone else has suggestions that will work well.