Gamma Knife Radiosurgery ?

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Greetings, my son had AA3 removed June of 08, went through all the chemo and radiation etc, MRI's every 3 months and just recently a couple of spots have shown up.
We were in the neurosurgeons office and saw the pictures, separate however not showing how close the spots are to one another.
His Oncologist has implied that she feels the two tumors are likely joined by microscopic matter.
The past few days he has had trouble adding - simple addtion, he cannot think of words and is becoming frustrated.
He has been referred to have Gamma Knife surgery, any thoughts out there, any experience with this technology?
He is going to be 33 in September, his attitude is exemplary and positive, luckily for me, he is my strength. The intial tumor was detected in Oct 06 when he had his first siezure.
Ever hopeful but just kinda lost and sad at the moment.


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    I looked online at the website; for my 33 yr old daughter who is diagnosed with grade 3 AAA in August, 2009. We went to Seattle. There are 4 medical centers in Seattle that does this procedure. We chose one. There are others all over out there. You just need to look for one near you. They decided to do more chemo before they would try it as it is too much radiation in one dose. And that might make the rest of cancer cells grow more. My daughter too has such a positive attitude about all of it. I know how you must feel. I have my ups and downs. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a see saw! I'm either up or down. I wish you and your son the best! God bless you
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    Sumamry on Gamma Knife & Cyber Knife Options
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    Gamma Knife
    Last fall I received Gamma Knife treatment on brain lesions with the assurance of no side effects or discomfort as a result. Unfortunately, in my case the radiation caused severe swelling and irritation that left me in rough shape for the better part of a month. Two of the sites were The Cerebellum and my speech center, and both are still somewhat adversely affected today. Following further diagnostics, it was found there were at least three more lesions that received whole head radiation therapy. So far so good, except I am so weak and have so little energy. But out call P/T should help that immensely.

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