Thank You All So Much!!!!!

Cindy Ann
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I just wanted to say "thank you." To all of you who while going through your own trials and tribs find time to write, to support,to send prayers, and love to us newbies. You have helped me through so many things and I haven't even been able to have surgery yet. Bronchitis bad case of..I feel like your with me and getting through the hardest time of my life. It is such a great feeling to be able to sit down and write to you about what new drama is unfolding in my life.No judgements.No negativity.There is always someone who gets it and says just what I needed to hear. You are all my angels. Though we have never met or spoken in person I feel love for each and everyone of you. When I finally am on my way to surgery I will be taking all your positive thoughts and energy with me. You are empowering me to fight every new road block that is thrown at me.
I just want to say a simple "thank You." I am so grateful for you all..

Love, Blessings,and Hugs,
Cindy Ann


  • aisling8
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    We'll be with you
    even in surgery!!! Gets crowded in there sometimes. I was worried that my surgeon might not have room to work on me because of all of you protecting me:)

    Have a great day,
  • MGNS
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    We're with you
    Through love comes strength. There's lots of love on this site and we're with you in positive thoughts and prayers.
  • ms_independent
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    we're with you
    I'm so glad you have found this wonderful group of people. What a difference they (we) make. We are a very powerful group when you think about it. All of our lives have been touched by each other in a positive way. We all have somewhere safe to go with our fears, disappointments, confusion and anger. But we also have somewhere safe to go with our triumphs and positive events. And we KNOW we will be listened to and validated, and that we will feel better for having reached out. See what I mean about powerful! I cannot imagine having to go through this without each other---glad we don't have to.
    Hugs, El
  • Kat11
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    We were all newbies to start
    We were all newbies to start with. All I can say is Thank God for this site.
  • KathiM
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    This site was a Godsend!!!
    I was just losing my hair, and feeling awful.

    I went to the chat room, and there was an angel, talking about breaking a fingernail while in some bedroom activities with her hubby....taught me that there are pieces of normal during the fight!!!

    She is a breast cancer survivor, too!

    I've never looked back...

    Hugs, Kathi