CatsToy Thanks for the Inspiration

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Hope you don't mind but I made a copy of your bib and will carry it with me in my pocket when I walk in the "Relay for Life" this week end. I will have all of you with me thanks to Cats Toy.

I haven't worn a hat to work for the last 2 days. I have been crocheting little caps and berets to sell for donations to ACS. My fingers are getting pretty tired but I will get her done.

Hugs to ALL


PS. Hope you all don't mind the heat, it is pretty warm were I am in FL.


  • greyhoundluvr
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    Me Too
    Donna - I always have something in my hands to work on depending on my special interests at the time (quilting, jewelry making, knitting, crocheting). I am making some caps also but plan to donate them to some of the local charities that give wigs and caps away to poeple who need them. Good therapy for me and hopefully beneficial to someone else going through this.

    Best wishes on the walk - thanks for taking us with you!

  • cats_toy
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    I am so glad you can use it.
    Have a great time at your relay! It was my first and we had a great time. Love the pink hat!
    (and yes, it was hot that day, but we do live in Southern California)
    That is a wonderful idea for the caps, and yes, you will get her done.
    If you would like the word doc to change or add, I can email it to you. Just PM your email address and it will be sent.