My first week of treatment is finished..

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Just had my 5th radiation treatment of my first week and had my pump disconnected from 96 hours of F5U and also had a infusion of cisplatin the first day..So far no side effects that I can see,no nausea or diarrhea as of yet,I think that emend must really do it's job..No more Chemo for 4 weeks so I'm waiting for the side effects from this first round to kick me,Thank God nothing yet..I'm sure the radiation effects will be taking a toll soon..Thanks for all the insights on this forum,the info has been invaluable...



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    end of the first week
    I bet it feels good to have that pump removed.

    Good luck the rest of the way.

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    Glad the first treatment went well

    Glad the first treatment went well. I get Cisplatin, Epirubicin, and 5 FU as well. The Emend seems to work on the nausea The major side effect I have had from the Cisplatin or Epirubicin (since I get them together I am not sure which is the culprit) us fatigue. During the week after I get them both together I am very tired and occasionally get dizzy if I stand up too quickly. But is seems to get better after the 7th day or so after the treatment.

    I get my infusions at the oncologist's office and he has about 25 chairs usually full most of the time so we all have gotten to know each other and talk about our treatments and side effects. As Bill says, no two people react the same to chemo.

    So here is hoping you are one of the lucky folks who have minimal side effects!!!!

    Best Regards

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    HI Johnny
    My husband just finished his 2nd round of chemo this past Friday. He is doing the same as you, Cisplatin the first day then sent home with the 5Fu pump for 96 hours. HE is ALWAYS so relieved to get that this disconnected. He has had no side effects from the chemo besides fatigue and mild diahrea (sp). He usually bounces back within a couple of days from the fatigue. He got unplugged Friday and we were out shopping for Mother's Day on Sunday and he's feeling pretty good. He hasn't really had much side effects from the radiation either, he just out of caution does not eat anything spicy, we have 6 more to go (out of 25). I kept sitting here thinking it was going to get worse because he was handling it so well, but so far we are enjoying the good days as someone told me to do. So you may get through this just as well, like they say everyone handles it differntly. Now after his 6 more radiation treatments, we get about 4-6 weeks rest before surgery, then the roller coaster ride starts again! Good luck and I hope it continues to go well for you :)

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    Hi Johnny,
    Way to go! Glad to hear your good news. Just continue to celebrate one day at a time. Live in the moment. A 4 week break will be wonderful for you. Enjoy it. Everyone does react differently. My dad did very well with his chemo and radiation treatments. Drove himself to each one, 90 min drive, for 6 weeks. Only side effect he had by the end of the week was being quite tired. My dad's downfall came in December when his ec had mets to his liver. Good luck to you on continued success fighting and killing this cancer. Keep in touch.
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    Hi John,
    Congratulations on

    Hi John,
    Congratulations on completing your first week! My husband,Jim, also gets Cisplatin. He's had 6 rounds so far and the only side effects he gets is tiredness and a little neuropathy in his feet. No nausea- Emend rocks!! Hope you continue to do well.