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    lion1 said:

    WOW-I just read all these Posts--Everyone is sooooo different

    Just to summarize what I heard and how to cope:

    1. For the guy who is still leaking 9 days after catherer removal----chill out!
    I have been incontinent for 4 yrs.

    2. For the guy who said their doctor was skilled. Well guess what, I had one of the best and foremost on LRP's. It wasn't his fault I am incontinent.
    3. What is truly causing everyone's incontinence?-Guess what? Everyone is different- some of you may have an overactive bladder and your URO MAY NOT TELL YOU THIS OR DISCOVER IT FOR A YEAR DOWN THE ROAD.
    4. Why am I hearing that some of you state you may want an Artificial Sphincter and you've been incontinent for barely a year. The truly good surgeons will tell you let the body do natural healing for up to 2 years. Then go to the next steps.
    5. Yes, do the URODYNAMICS AND kegels that your URO prescribes.
    6. I had Botox injections with no help. I'll do the Botox again in 3 months. If that doesn't work my Doc may do an Implant to send electric impulses to the bladder. If that doesn't work maybe I'll look at a Sling and as a Last resort maybe an AUS 5 OR 6 YRS FROM NOW.
    7,I am 50 and very active, but I don't let the leaking slow me down and I surely am not going to have surgeries until I have followed the stairway to the most univasive cure.
    8. Maybe, if some of you who are just a few months incontinent wait a bit, there could be new treatments and you won't have to have anything implanted in you.
    9. With all this being said, everyone's tolerance levels are different.
    10. Also please find out what is really causing your incontinence before you have needless surgeries.
    11. Finally. I hope you're all dry in the near future, because incontinence STINKS!

    GOD BLESS..................LION1

    it was me...
    And your right. Thanks for the kick in the pants. I am learning to be patient and I really appreciate your story and insight.

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    Just Had Catheter Removed and Leaking Really Bad
    Had the catheter removed at 11:00 today and went through one pad in 2 hours. It's like I have no control over the bladder. I'm really down in the dumps over this. I know I need to give it time. Pathology was not yet ready. Looking for info on the kegel exercises (website or book).

    Thanks to all of you who have posted to my pleas for help in the past.

    be patient even though it is tough
    bobshell -

    Your gonna be like this for a while. Be patient, your at a real tough stage mentally and still got lots of healing to do inside. Almost all of us have been and even still are right where you are!

    Your on my prayer list now too!

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    142 said:

    Been There -

    It took me about eight weeks to get down to a reasonable pad "consumption" - mine was real bad (7-8 per day, 1 at night), and still is not great (1 & 1), but it seems like I am among the worst.
    It will get better, but yes, it is really demoralizing for now.
    I used a Depends pant with a Walgreens male guard inside - that way at least when I blew out the pad I had a bit of backup. Change pads often and you might get through the day on one pant, while still staying generally dry.
    The Walgreens were the most absorbent guards of those I tried (I have sevearl postings from Nov/Dec 09 about pads, quality, and the like).

    Here is one site with instructions, but there are a lot of them, and I won't advise one over another:

    It will get better.

    DaVinci - 10/09

    Walgreens pads
    142, I have read serveral postings on this discussion board so I went to local Walgreens and only pads I could find were pads for women, but in my mind pad is a pad. They are wider than Poise pads I was using and allow me to now wear my Fruit of the Looms instead diaper. I didn't ask store clerk, but do they sell pads for men too?
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    JR1949 said:

    Incontinence STINKS
    I agree, incontinence really STINKS. I told my wife, it's really a pain in the rear end and demoralizing and not to mention really annoying having to deal with it like when you go to a movie and have to run to the restroom in the middle. (See my posts on this block of comments above.) Kegels seem to help. I am having a scope procedure on May 21 and my plan of action is to see what is causing the incontinence before I have any needless surgeries or implants. (See my posting above "Uro visit today" dated April 26.)


    I am getting scoped in the
    I am getting scoped in the morning, I believe. I'm all excited- I can hardly wait! Nice word on an incontinency thread.

    And certainly the pun was intented.

    And I agree- Incontinency stinks! I will have a serious discussion with the uro in the morning.

    Signed, Trewly Immodest (by now!)