Information regarding pending robotic surgery



  • YTW
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    Hospital stay;
    Frank: My daughter-in-law's dad had DaVinci and only stayed in the hospiyal one night. Good luck with yours.

    On another note. You photo shows you pickin the 5 string. When I was working (on the fire department) I spent two years trying to conquer that beast. I found that I needed a couple of things that I didn't have...Ability & talent...................
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    Hope you are doing well on Day 1
    Hi Frank - just reading over your thread as I am considering the same operation in the fall.

    I see that you were scheduled for May 4th - yesterday. So this is hoping all went well for you and you are well on your way for recovery on the first 24 hours. Let us know your progress for those that still have to go down the surgery roll.

    Cheers to you