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A close friend of mine has cancer and it is near the 3rd to 4th stage of the cycle. We are looking into alternative methods and also traditional methods of fighting cancer. The doctors have not given us much hope but we are being optimistic and are not going to give up.

We have recently come across a method called Irreversible Pepsin Fraction (IPF). We did research and it looks as though this method is a better alternative than the going under gruesome radiation and chemotherapy. Doctors have said chemotherapy and radiation may severely harm her organs and functionality.

Not knowing much about this method we are looking for people who have had experience with (IPF) .

We are curious to know if anybody has gone through this treatment. Have you seen tremendous results? What are your suggestions? What have you heard about (IPF).

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Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    2nd Opinion?
    I don't know anything about this particular therapy, I'm sorry, but I am wondering why the doctors said your friend will be harmed by radiation and chemo? Have you sought out a second opinion? There are all kinds of not-so-harsh radiation techniques and meds now. You didn't say what kind of cancer your friend has - I'm assuming brain? There's something called Gamma Knife radiation, I think - search the site, there are lots of helpful threads :)