Bleeding from Catheter During BM

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I've noticed over the last couple of days that blood oozes out from the catheter during a BM. Is this something I should be overly concerned with?


  • bdhilton
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    Perfectly normal…My
    Perfectly normal…My surgeon gave me a list form A-Z on what to expect post surgery. You can look at this list on William Catalona’s web site (just Goggle him)
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    I think you will also notice blood even after the cath is removed for several weeks during or after BM's completely normal. I had a pink tinge always at the end of urniation following a BM for several weeks following my cath removal that took place 13 days after surgery because when I went to take it out the first time they spied a leak in the cystoscope pics prior to the cath removal and so made me keep in another 6 days. I figured the blood in my case must have been coming from the Antimosis (place where they sew the urethra to the bladder neck) which the rectum rests right up against in most people. Figures when you move stuff through the bowl it disturbs that area and hence the blood. Are you taking stool softners.....they told me to take to 100mg stool softners a day and three if I was not really soft just to ease the pressure when passing through.

    Randy in Indy