pet scan vs cat scan

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why do some doctors do only pet scans and not cat scans, I read this all the time, am I correct that cat scans can tell us how much shrinkage has gone all and pet scans just tell us the maarkers of the cancer sites. I am confused, my husband's doctor only does pet scans and I do not understand why not pet/cat scans together. I read all these post and always notice that both tests are done together. should we request pet/cat scans? thanks to all for helping me figure this one out.



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    well actually
    A PET usually has a CT with it. A PET shows areas with cancer cells "lit"... it is considered more sophisticated than a cat that just shows areas that are enlarged, shaped wrong, etc.

    Our doc does a CT then in three months a PET, then a CT then a PET. Some ins companies don't want to pay for a lot of PETS so you do CTs in between.

    Neither one is 100 percent. Layne was NED by his PET and his CT AND his endoscopy. Yet, there were cancer cells still there.

    But right now, they are the best we have without opening you up.