Is it my bra, or....

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I had lumpectomy 12/7 followed by 33 rads - finished 3/8. Started wearing my regular bra (no-poke underwire) about 2 weeks later. Now, I have a tenderness, a soreness near my incision - the node incision close to underarm. Since there is still numbness, I don't feel pressure or rubbing from the bra, but wonder if it's the cause. Wearing a cami to test theory....

I have a mammo scheduled 5/4. Should I be more concerned? Warrant a call in?

Thank you!!!


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    My vote is the bra or some
    My vote is the bra or some other irritant. It takes a while to heal and then those nerve endings start recovering!!!!
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    Sue, it could very well be
    Sue, it could very well be the bra but to be on the safe side why not give the doc a call. I, too, went back to an underwire and didn't have any problems but we are all different. Good luck. I hope your theory works and the tenderness is gone.
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    I still have a lot of
    I still have a lot of tenderness near my incision from 22 nodes removed and my lumpectomy was last June. My bra bothers me a lot and starts hurting after a while. I have tried to find a bra that does not hurt, but I have not had any luck.