Has anyone had mets to Sigmoid Colon?

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Hi family,

I am a 2 year survivor of stage 3 EC (as of March 18th) and am awaiting a colonoscopy on April 19th to see if we can figure out what is causing the 2 strictures in/on my Sigmoid Colon. I have been waiting a while for this as the Surgeon wanted me as an inpatient for the procedure as I will be having difficulty getting the bowel cleanser down! During the wait, I have been on a fibre free/fluid/soft food diet ... boy, am I craving a plate of vegetables.

The Surgeons' thoughts are that it is either tumour ... even though there is no visible sign of them in the CT, or that that section of my bowel has just stopped working. Either way, I don't think that it is going to be an easy fix.

I was just wondering if anyone here has had this problem, or knows of anyone with this problem?

Chrissy, Australia


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    Dear Chrissy,
    Hello and welcome. Congratulations on you beating the ec! I am not familiar with the mets to the colon, but I am sure someone on this board will be. You should also post on the colon cancer discussion board. I was a caregiver for my dad who recently passed away on 3/9. He too beat his ec, but had mets to his liver. Best of luck to you, and it is so neat to hear from someone from Austraila! Good day mate!