To get a Stem Cell Transpalnt or Not??

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Has anyone ever been in remission without getting a stem cell transplant. And if so, for how long were you in remission? I am told I am in remission (just for the past 2 months), I feel ok, except for all the bone and muscle pain from all the chemo, yet the doc still wants to give me a stem cell transplant cuz he tells me if I don't get one, the cancer will come back. How true is this? Why go thru all that pain and suffering all over again, (times a million cuz you have to get high doses of chemo and radiation), or just take a chance and pray that it doesn't come back. There's new research on this disease everyday. Maybe someday they will come up with a cure. Just curious if anyone else is in the same situation. Thanks!


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    stem cell transplant
    Hi Catwomen,

    You didn't say what specific type of lymphoma you have. Depending on the type some people go directly to sct after reaching cr. Others wait until the lymphoma returns before going to sct. If you have a very aggressive lymphoma you are more likely to go directly to sct, if it is more indolent than you can maybe get long term remission without.

    I finished RCHOP 7 wks ago and am in remission. As I didn't get a differential diagnosis I can not have a sct even though this was a recurrance. But if the lymphoma returns that will be the recommendation.

    There are lots of people on this site who are in cr and can give you more insight. Have you thought about getting a second opinion? Just a thought.

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    Hi Cat,

    I was dx and treated for NH lymphoma beginning Fall 2007. During treatment, my body began getting week. Scan proved the cancer returned. It was then the Onc wanted to see transplant professionals. They in turn recommended a transplant. If I had a caregiver, I would have gone through with it. I did not have the transplant. I am on a maintenance plan of Rituxin. I get a 4 cycle treatment 1-2 xs a year. I have been in remission for 17 months and doing well. I continue to visit my Onco every three weeks for a physical.

    If I had a caregiver to help me through the transplant, I definitely would have. But thanks to prayers, God has seen me through without the transplant.
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    Successful Transplant in 2004

    I excited to read your cancer is in remission!! I had a transplant (my sister's cells) and my situation was the same as what your doc is saying about yours.

    I remember very well the pain of chemo but the extra round is nothing for you to be afraid of. That week I had a couple more upset stomachs but I feel that is was worth it never to have to do chemo again. You've kicked csncer's butt and the transplant would make it 100% permanent.

    That being said, definitely do your research on the frequency of recurrences for your cancer to be sure that it is best for you.

    I wish you the best-
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    stem cell transplant process
    What is the process for stem cell transplant? Im new to all this. Diagnosed with mantel cell lymphoa and will be starting hyper-CVAD treatment which I understand is pretty intense. Any info is appreciated. Why is a care giver necessary?
    God Bless to all, good luck
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    Hi Cat,
    I had NHL stage 4 in

    Hi Cat,
    I had NHL stage 4 in 2000...underwent surgeries and R-CHOP Chemo and went into remission. I was NED for 8 years...then in 2008 I was reDx'd with NHL. I opted for more chemo which shrank the tumor and was informed by the Oncologist that the new remission would likely be short lived without a Stem Cell Transplant. I did that in Feb, 2009 and have been in remission ever since.
    The Xplant itself was a VERY difficult procedure even though I was an analogous xplant, (used my own cells)which has a lesser chance of rejection. I don't know what to tell you regarding advice as to do a xplant or not, there's pros and cons... and I am one of the lucky ones that managed to survive the treatment, but not without a lot of fear. Many others that were doing the same procedure did not survive with no apparent reason, in fact many were much younger than I and had the misfortune of contracting a MARSI infection or other infections while in the Hospital. I honestly don't know whether I'd do it again or not.