treatment in Mexico Hyper-CVAD

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I have been diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL). It is my understanding the most effective treatment for MCL is Hyper-CVAD. My wife and I have been planning on moving/retiring to mexico for years. We plan to continue with that goal, however this pesky cancer problem presents it's own questions I need help with. Any information experiences with Hyper-CVAD and any information experiences with MCL treatment in Mexico. We are still going to pursue the dream.
thank you

The danger for most of us is not setting the goal too high and missing it but setting the goal too low and hitting it


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    Success with Hyper-CVAD
    Hyper CVAD was used on my illness and it worked great. Been cancer free for many years and many to come. I am sorry to learn you need it too.

    The best advice is to prep yourself by being as physically active as much as possible, drink a ton of water, and eat everything in sight. To beat this you have to think of yourself as an athlete and prepare your body for the big game. Constantly be drink watering to flush those toxins out. The sooner they are out of your system the sooner you can recover.

    I wish you the best-