How long till surgery?

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I am a 29 year old female with a family history of RCC (grandmother died at 50 yrs old from RCC that went undiagnosed for many years). In Jan. of this year I went to a urologist for bladder pain (since diagnosed with IC). The uro sent me in for a CT w/ and w/o contrast to check for other possible problems and they found a 2.25cm mass on my left kidney. Its my understanding that the mass did enhance some. Since the mass was small we decided to wait 3 months and do a another CT. The 2nd scan was done yesterday and I get the results next week. My questions are: Generally speaking, how soon after the 2nd scan would surgery be, if indeed surgery is warranted? Also, does anyone have any experience with dealing with IC and kidney issues?

Any info/ personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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    If diagnoed with RCC get the Surgery behind you,
    First of all a 29 yeaar old female is not supposed to get RCC. My tumor was 2.7 cm and I waited 2 very very long months for the surgery. Those whose surgery is done quickly are usually on an emergency basis past Stage 1, Since surgery is a necessary evil with RCC nothing is to be gauned without having the surgery done quickly and get it behind you,
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    Do NOT Wait
    First, I am SO sorry to hear of your family and now you! RCC is nothing to mess with. You should have the surgery sooner than later as RCC can and does spread given have a chance. The early it's diagnosed, the quicker you have surgery and get treatment if that's an option, the better outcome. Don't delay!
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    I 2nd That! Don't wait!!
    Find a urologist experienced with RCC and get the surgery scheduled ASAP. Even without the family history, it's pretty standard to refer you to a surgeon experienced with RCC for surgery as the next step.

    In 2005, I went to the doctor complaining of side pain & was sent for a CT scan with contrast which revealed a 2.5cm mass in my right kidney. I got the results in December, did research and met with a doctor in January, and had the surgery in March, 2006. I am also a femail and was a 35 years old at the time I was diagnosed.

    I had the laporoscopic nephrectomy and it went well. There typically is no chemo or radiation with this type of cancer but do your own research. What ever you do, don't delay!