I need help, I'm really scared.

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Hi everyone,

I'm a 17 year old male with some serious problems lately. A few weeks ago I got over a pretty nasty cold. Coughing and stuff. I'm still spitting up phlegm in the mornings (still lingering in my system). Either way, what I'm so concerned about is a small pea like, soft, movable cyst that appeared in the side of my neck. I didn't think much of it, but after googling I realized it's the first sign of HL. I freaked out, I panicked, I'm still panicking. I don't want cancer at 17, I dont want to die. I went to the doctor's today to get it checked out and he didn't even mention lymphoma and said it probably isn't anything serious. He believes it has to do with my cold wearing off and told me to watch it for the next few weeks and if it didn't shrink to come back to his office. He said usually HL cysts aren't soft and movable. I thought alright, I'll take his word. But I google all HL/NHL symptoms and guess what pops up.. itching.. I panic even more now. I have incredibly itchy spots behind my ears and all over my body at times. I really believe I have HL. I'm so scared. I have no fever/night sweats. I still eat a lot, no loss of appetite. I just can't wrap my mind around this. I'm a hypochondriac but still, it's really scary. A cyst in the side of the neck and itchy? Can someone please help? Do I have it? I'm almost in tears just writing this, god. Thanks in advance if anyone can help, I'm slowly becoming very depressed.

I just need reassurance... What if this doesn't disappear in the 3 weeks the doctor suggested? I don't know what I'll do.


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    Hi Sam:

    First of all I know it can be scary but sometime reading these things makes you think that you have it. I would wait and see. If it does not go away I would go back to the dr. I have been dealing with this since 04. If you do have it which I certainly hope you do not. They can deal with that.
    So dont be scared and depressed. It just takes time to see. Certainly dont ignore it too long. Go back to the dr. and see and if you need to change drs. do so.
    I wish you well and dont be scared.
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    Had a lump too
    Hi Sam,
    Take a deep breath, slowly let it out and repeat until you feel calmer. Panic isn't going to help you. About ten years ago I had a lump behind my ear at the base of my skull. Doctor told me give it two weeks, then try an antibiotic, if it's there in a month do a CT scan. I went the full 6 weeks with the lump and I had the CT scan and it was nothing! I hope this is the same case for you. Try not to worry about it until you have to, but don't ignore it either. Control can sometimes calm your panic. You can't control what you get, but you can control what you do about it. There are many treatments and doctors and people out there to help you, you are not alone. Remember to breathe! You'll make it! Good Luck, let us know.
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    Hi Sam I have HL Stage2 and it is very treatable and cureable if that is what you have. For me I wil have six months of chemo and my two masses will be cured. Dont get me wrong I was scared too I ketp running things in my head like who is going to take care of my kids while Im on chemo and what is going to happen when my hubby deploys oct/nov but so far I have been able to do everything on mine own and now I just count the treatments until Im done.
    Now I have done 3 treatments and my mass on the side of my has gone down alot I barely feel it anymore. I hope this helps you.
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    Relax. Prayer is the

    Relax. Prayer is the best medication. Be active in your health and concerns you have. Ask any and all questions to your doctor. Please keep us updated and I hope all is well.