Dad had a scary night

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he went for his CT yesterday. Then around 1am he got up cause he had to spit. It was like pea green he kept bringing this stuff up. He said it feels like he has a chest cold without any other issues. He is not having any issues breathing, just wheezing a little. Mom called both drs and they said its not from the ct scan. They will see him tmw at 10am.

He did get his feeding tube out last thursday and is sooo excited about that.

So we will find out tmw whats going on and why he is spitting up this greenish stuff...

ahhhh more worries...


  • Tina Blondek
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    Your Dad
    I am so sorry you dad is having to deal with yet another issue. This is true for this journey with cancer. It sounds like he may have some kind of infection. Could be a sinus infection. I am sure the drs will be able to tell you at his appointment. Congratulations on getting the feeding tube out! Celebrate that! Keep us posted.
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    Vomiting Green
    Hi,I don't know what stage your Dad is but my husband is a stage 1Vb.He has been vomiting green bile for the last two weeks.Lots of flem comes with it.He was in the hospital for 10 days & was doing the same.His throat is so sore from vomiting for so long he is spitting blood from a raw throat.Now as I said my husband is stage 1V which might be a whole different story than your Dad.It's bile that's coming up & should be investigated.It's not a pleasant experience for the person throwing up or for the care taker that feels so useless unable to do any thing for our loved one.I pray every minute that my poor husband could go through just one day without being so sick.Take your Dad to the doctor & hopefully it will be a simple explaination for his vomiting.Don't let it go.As for my husband they so far have had no answer.We will be going up to MD Anderson in a few weeks so I hope they can figure it all out.Take care & keep the faith & stay strong -not always easy with this dreaded cancer.God Bless you & your family.