Chemo Drug Pemetrexed

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Has anyone ever been treated with this drug? My mom has metastatic bladder cancer in the small intestine and is suffering tremendously. We were told by Dr. more than one treatment is needed before it starts to work. So far she has had two and is feeling worse than ever. Can't eat, sleep or do anything and has become anorexic. She is so uncomfortable all day and night. Any suggestions?


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    chemo drug premetexed
    Has been awhile since I have been on site but I noticed your post. I have been undergoing treatment with pemetrexed for 5 months and have one more to go. I have not endured too many side effects. At first I had infections, until I was given a low dose antiobiotic to take during chemo and it helped. The doctor also gave me ativan to help me sleep especially right after chemo when I felt as if I was going to explode. When it got really bad I took the ativan with Norco (pain killer) and I was able to sleep. The chemo didn't affect my appetite, I did eat less, but was never hungry. I just went to the doctor yesterday and he said the ct scan showed no signs of cancer on my lung (it started in my right kidney) and I had my kidney, bladder, prostate and both ureters removed then a nodule on my lung. He was giving me pemetrexed for the nodules and it has evidently worked so hang in there. Ask your mother;s doctor if ativan and Norco would help her. MY thoughts are with you.