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I am one week away from my last round of carbaplatin and etoposide. I developed a skin infection and was put on both bactrim and keflex last week. My research indicates that these can cause drops in blood values such ans neutropenia and anemia. What, if anything can I do to make sure my counts are high enough that I won't be rescheduled?


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    Having one chemotherapy session rescheduled is probably not that big a deal. I had sessions delayed (carboplatin and taxol), once for low platelets and at least a couple of other times for low white blood cell counts (aka neutropenia).

    When my problem was low platelets the chosen corrective measure was simply to wait for the body to restore them (we moved everything back a week). When the problem was a low WBC count, I was injected with Neupogen and scheduled to come back in, as I recall, the very next day.

    Congratulations on reaching the end of treatment! I wish you the best.

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