Any Dr recommendation for a relaped NPC case?

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Dear Hondo and guys there, I have been quiet for a while after last time asking about the immuno therapy in Feb. Well, 2 chemo agents failed in this relaps and due to the "unstablized condition", not qualified to be enrolled into the immuno program which doesn't have very good outcome any way... Pain with the tumor growth...Besides praying, wondering if any of you know a good dr to deal my case to give me more hope for the cure?


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    Hi Jxjp

    I can’t remember this all too well but a few years ago the Doctors at MD Anderson offered me a trial on doing something with removing T cells and doing something with them and injecting them back into me, it was only a 50/50 shot as it was still experimental. I will PM you on some alternative treatment you might want to try.

    All the best to you my friend