can any one help me with tips on how to get some energy after radiation treatments

mary garrett
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i just got done with my radiation treatment and i want to know if anyone can give me some pointers on what to take or do to get some energy . i cant hardly eat . and im always tired .


  • soccerfreaks
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    eat and run
    Welcome to CSN, mary! If your experiences are similar to mine you will find that the people here are kind, thoughtful, and generous in the sharing of their experiences and hard-earned advice.

    As to your question, I would suggest that proper nutrition and daily exercise are good places to start.

    Exercise might seem contradictory and it is true that as you begin your daily routine (a walk around the block, for example) you will finish a lot more tired than when you started; but over time you should find that the activity rebuilds lung capacity while also providing refreshment to the mind -- negating the mental fatigue we sometimes feel following diagnosis and treatment.

    If your doctors did not provide you with some breathing toys (I do not remember the names of them now -- one was maybe called a spirometer (?), another looked like a rubber hand grenade that I blew into :) -- ask them if these would be good for you and if they can see that you get them. These exercise your lungs directly, of course, but do not offer some of the advantages of that walk around the block or through a shopping mall or the park.

    As for nutrition, if you are having problems eating, you really need to find ways to overcome this. If it a lack of appetite, consider resorting to protein-laden drinks, some of the more potent protein shakes, vegetable drinks, that sort of thing. Nutrition IS energy, after all.

    You should discover that your appetite returns to and hopefully as it does you will notice a return of your energy as well.

    In the meantime, again, welcome. This is a crummy club, due to the 'membership requirements', but as I mentioned, the members are fantastic.

    Take care,