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It has been almost two months since I finished chemo (six months)and the tips of my fingers are still partially numb. Is that normal? Will it get better. I think I have a bit of carpel tunnel in my right wrist so that makes my right hand worse, but my left hand fingers are a bit numb. Also, you talk about mop up chemo. Is that something more than the six months I went thru after surgery? I was stage 3 after surgery. The surgeon said cancer was in two nodes and he got everything he could see. My onc said of course I needed chemo to make sure everything was gone. Now I have finished chemo, but what is considered mop up chemo?


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    Andi, the 6 months is the
    Andi, the 6 months is the 'mop up chemo' to try and find and kill any cancer cells that might have gotten loose during surgery or prior to surgery. Since you had radiation, I assume you had rectal cancer so that is slightly different with some people having chemo before surgery alongside rads and then more after surgery.

    I'm 7 months out of chemo and still have numb fingertips. My feel feel like I have wet sand in my socks and the skin on my legs is still slightly numb up to my knees. This can take a year to go away and in some cases, never goes away. Actually, my neuropathy worsened about a month after chemo ended. :-)