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Hi Everyone
I am so inspired by the stories I have read, because everyone seems so positive about their situation. I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Nottingham grade 2/3, on Friday February 26 2010 after having felt a lump in my right breast on Tuesday January 26 2010. I was totally chatteredl, especially because I am a single parent of a 2yr old princess. My initial shock and fright have now been replaced with my strengthened faith in God and His promise to never forsake me. My blood pressure has become dangerously high but is being managed with medication so I may have surgery in the coming week. I need to decide on lumpectomy or mastectomy, but with family history of breast cancer, I am 99% certain to have the latter.

I pray for all here and elsewhere with any form of cancer and ask God for your complete recovery and long life. Please pray for me as I am struggling to obtain finances, arrange for care for my baby during my treatment and remain faithful to God for His tender mercies and healing. My faith shall not waver. Thanks be to God.

God bless you all


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    You are in our prayers. You
    You are in our prayers. You likely will be offers lots of help. Take it all, it is God working through your friends and neighbors to bring you comfort.
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    Peace of mind
    I didn't have a lumpectomy versus mastectomy choice, but I did have the choice whether to remove only the diseased breast or both. Having a strong family history of breast cancer and knowing the cancer might occur in the healthy breast, I chose the double mastectomy. I just wanted all the tissue gone. (After testing the removed tissue, there was cancer in both breasts after all!)

    I immediately started reconstruction, with the plastic surgeon inserting the expanders as the breast surgeon finished the mastectomy and lymph node removals. So far, this has been uncomfortable but satisfactory. I'm happy with the choices I made.

    With your strong faith and prayer, I'm sure you will discern what will be best for you.
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    Welcome to the site! You've found a wonderful group of women that can support you as you begin this unwanted journey. We have all been in that initial shock and frightened phase and can relate to where you are now. I was diagnosed in Nov 09, IDC and DCIS, stage I, neg nodes....i chose lumpectomy, had rads and have started tamoxifen. I did not have any fam history and felt comfortable w/my decision w/regard to lumpectomy. I discussed long term survival, which is the same for lumpectomy and mastectomy, coupled w/the cell type that i had, it was very easy to kill, so was given 98-99% no recurrence odds....felt that was pretty darn good. Achieved a surgical cure w/the lumpectomy and will take tamoxifen for long term protection. God is faithful! He has promised full healing and i'm there.

    I wish you the best w/your treatment decision. Know that each and everyone woman here has made decisions that were the right ones for themselves and their own lives. God Bless....
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    Praise God!
    Aurs1 - Your journey sounds just like mine, though my princesses are full grown and married now. Still, the diagnosis is shattering - at first. I determined to begin my "good thing of the day" journal to keep my mind on the positive things in my life. One day in particular I could only think of one good thing - that I'd slept through the night - but through each and every day, I was given those bright spots from God that had the same strengthening affect you're speaking about. Don't we have a wonderful Lord and God? He reaches down to us in our troubles and lifts us up in spirit so we can move ahead with the courage and faith that He gifts us with! I had my surgery Oct 14 09, 4 chemo treatments Dec - Feb, and now I'm waiting for my hair to grow back! I opted for bi-lateral mastectomy without immediate reconstruction. I'll decide on the reconstruction at a later time...
    I pray that the Lord will confirm for you every decision along the way as He did for me.
    Love and Hugs coming your way,
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    I would like to welcome you to the site and wish you the best during your surgery.

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    You are in our prayers. You
    You are in our prayers. You likely will be offers lots of help. Take it all, it is God working through your friends and neighbors to bring you comfort.

    Sending you prayers and
    Sending you prayers and strength!

    Sue :)