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As many of you may know I am not a cancer patient but a caregiver. On another note I do have hypothyroidism and have been on medication (synthroid) for many years. I was always told that I didn't have a problem until I had gone to the ER with severe headaches and they ran tests and asked if I had ever been on thyroid medication to which I said no although I was always way under weight and always cold and tired. They referred me to an Endocrinologist which said I was WAY off track. My point is, most DR's don't have the right info regarding what is normal amounts of THS so I think if you are having all the symptons but your DR's are saying you are fine, then ask to be referred to an Endocrinologist. I really felt like a new person when I got on the right med. and really if you look up what that little thyroid gland does, it really does a whole lot to make the body work properly. I am going to send my husband to mine as soon as we finish all the chemo. Good luck to you all. My Best! Donna

PS. It's gonna be 65 in Charleston this weekend. We had seven inches of snow last weekend.


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    You are right!!
    I went through a long period of time before a doctor realized that my thyroid could be part of my problem. I had a lot of doctors on my journey but I finally found one that treated me and not the cancer I had. My levels were not on the watch list yet my thryoid was not working the way it should have been. Synthroid has helped me immensely. I know feeling better is a relative term but i do feel like it has made a difference.