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hi everybody,
i'd like to ask you all a question. when you go for your follow ups to your urologist does he/she give you a physical exam? my dr. sees me in his actual office, he only checks my b.p., urine and asks how i'm doing. he never, since the surgery, checks my incision site or feels my abdomen for any abnormalities. i really like my dr. and he is always willing to answer any questions i have or concerns, but i always wonder if he should be doing more. liking checking lymph nodes.
my nephrectomy was 12/08. after seeing him every 6 months since then he says i now only have to come once a year.
i had another cancer 5 years ago so i already had an oncologist who i still see every 6 months so i know i'm getting checked by him. but was just wondering if the urologist should be doing more. and do you all just go once a year after a year since surgery.
thanks and good health.


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    Same Experience
    My urologist who is a urological oncologist is only interested for lack of a better word and using his word my plumbing. And of course as a male he checks my prostrate with what he learned in medical school as the urolgical handshake. Seriosly these guys are one dimensional and do not do nor do I expect them to do physical exams.