mantle cell lymphoma

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My husband was diagnosed with mantel cell lymphoma after finding a large lump on his tonsil in November of 2009 with no other symptoms, i.e., fever, tired, flu like symptoms. An ENT doctor did a biopsy on his neck which they said showed cancer. Staging tests indicated no cancer in any other part of his lymph node system. The oncologist wanted to do (6] R-chop chemo treatments followed by a pet scan and then radiation. We then asked for a 2nd opinion with an oncologist at Beth Israel hospital. He performed a fish test and the results indicated radiation only for treatment. We then met with a cancer center in our town and were told that not doing the chemo would compromise his recovery. We agreed on (3) r-chop treatments and a pet scan to determine results and radiation treatments.
He completed 2 chemo treatments with no adverse effects except for diarrhea. A PET SCAN was done before the final chemo treatment and when he met with the doctor this week, he was told the cancer is gone. This is all strange and wonder if it was a misdiagnosis!


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    Hi Smudge,
    Great news that your husband is in remission. I do not have MCL but I do have a very rare NHL. I also went into remission after my second round of RCHOP, and that is considered a very good, positive sign. Clinical remission means that the tests show no sign of cancer but that doesn't really mean there can't be cancer cells that the scans aren't picking up. That is why treatment continues and there always is the chance or relapse. But all in all a really good sign.