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Hey Guys. I'm new to the board. I was diagnosed in Nov. 09 with very early prostate ca. My PSA was 6.8 and a rectal biopsy showed <1% of the total taken. I am 52 and have been in good health. I had a DiVinci on Jan. 26, 2010 in Indianapolis by Dr. John Scott. Surgery went well and I had my cath removed 8 days later. I plan to return to work (for the railroad) in mid March after my first post-op PSA. I feel pretty good and seem to be healing very well. As far as the ED, they put me on the pump and I have been compliant with that. I was told that my surgery was a "nerve saving procedure". The only real problem I seem to be having is with the leakage. Sometimes when I move or get up from a chair I'll put out a healthy squirt. Are there any specific questions I should ask the doc on my next visit? My wife is concerned that they did not take any additional surrounding tissue samples to see if things have spread.


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    Of course always ask the
    Of course always ask the Doctor....If no positive margins were noted that means the cancer was contained in the Prostate itself. I'm six months post davinci and get a very small drip if I move into a weird position. Your leak should get better with time. Keep doing kegels!

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