Where can I go to get assistance for my cancer treatment?

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Hello anyone. My name is James and I have been diagnosed with Low-grade B cell lymphoma. I was given this diagnosis in April of 2009. Prior to being given this news I had been laid off my job for close to one year. I have not been back to see my PCP because I no longer have insurance. So, it has been a year now and I think I am having some of the effects caused by having lymphoma. I have always been able to care for myself and have always had insurance but since I have been laid off that is a commodity I no longer have. I am 44 years of age. (I look 32 :) ) Will someone please help me by directing me someplace that offers assistance? I am new to this so if someone can offer any advice please do...I live in Winder, GA. Don't have a million dollars but I do have a million Thank you's...


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    James, I'm sorry to hear about your insurance situation. Many Americans are without health insurance and if cobra is no longer an option try your county health district or your local state funded hospitals first. Also there Is a lot of good information on this site and others to give you advice. Once you start opening some doors it will keep you motivated to continue on until you get in front of the right people. Good luck. Mark
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    Hi emerald,

    Hope this helps, here is a link to the CFAC (Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition). They also have links to organizations (such as the United Way) that can help you with a multitude of issues such as living expenses and transportaion to treatment (even airfare).


    Best of Luck to you!!!!

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    help for cancer patients
    Hi James

    I am sorry to hear about your situation. There are actually a number of options for you. One would be to see Medical Assistance, and food stamps from your local community. You can also inquire about prescription assistance. You should be able to call "First call for help" or information for the telephone number and/or location.

    Two, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Association (LLS) has both a financial aid and Co-Pay assistance program to help you. Please check out their site at www.LLS.org. I have been participant of these programs and they really work with little delay.

    Third, you may also want to consult The Patients Advocate Foundation.

    I can relate with you. I too am 44 years old . I have been out of work for two years thanks to cancer. So, every little bit helps. Please call the LLS to ensure that you can get your applications in soon. The LLS programs are only opened as long as the funds are available.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck and many blessings.