Side effects?

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Well, we don't know if they are side effects, or if Jim caught a bug of some sort. He has a bad productive cough, so the PA called in a scrip. Then he was nauseous for the first time since starting chemo. Took the Compezine and it worked for a little while, then not. Don't know what to think. We see the PA this afternoon, so maybe he'll have an answer. No fever, so I don't think it's serious, just annoying. If you've taken ginger, how do you take it? We'd be interested in trying that instead of relying only on the Compezine.


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    My dad took the compezine during his first treatment and it did not work, He then took a double does of the zofran along with ground ginger in his tea and that still did work. He just had his 2nd treatment yesterday and got sick last nite. So they told him to take the compezine on top of the zofran and also gave him a steriod so he doesnt have a week like his first treatment where he didnt eat at all, he lost 6lbs.

    Good luck in finding something that works. I know my dad is now going to try the Emend.

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    Compazine & Zofran
    My husband took both Compazine & Zofran (as well as the Emend for the first 3 days of chemo) around the addition to his Ativan. It seemed to help. I went to the health food store and got him ginger candy that he could suck on.....he refused to try it....they can be so stubborn some I don't know if that would have helped.
    Good luck to you....keeping you and Jim in my prayers.