Cervical Cancer metastisis to liver & lungs - Mom in hospice-

I just wanted to talk to anyone that has anything to share about having their mom in hospice care. My mom has been battling cervical cancer for 2 years. She was first diagnosed with stage 3b. She did radiation treatments and they were able to get rid of the tumor. But the cancer metastasized to her right lung & liver a few months later. She's been on so many types of chemos for almost a year. Then she had an episode about 2 weeks ago due to cancer in her lung, she couldn't breather. They wanted to out a ventilator down her throat and she refused it. The doctors thought she was going code that day. A few days later they sent her to hospice.

Everyday has been a struggle since then....is there anyone that can share any similar experience?


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    It's been many

    It's been many years, but I have been through what your going through with my dad, grandfather, etc. Keep strong! Your likely to meet many others like yourself at this point in time if you post under the caregivers section. ((HUGS))