Just checking in. Question about Carboplatin & taxotere

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Well, I have had 2 Chemo treatments and Hercpetin weekly. Next week I am going for my third treatment. I will be half way done. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So far I have had only one real down day which was the 3rd day after chemo. The next two days I progressively got better and was able to return to work Monday. I am noticing heartburn more. I get pain between my shoulders in my back. I take prilosec for that and it helps. I went to the second opinion clinic last week and they were WONDERFUL. I found that my margins were clear but close. I may opt to have the margins widend. Since I am a DDD, I looked into Breast reduction and found that it can reduce the risk of BC. I dont know it effects reocurrance. I will meet with my surgeon on March 1st to discuss. Both of oncologists said that it was okay to take vitamins, just not supplements like Ginkobaloba and that kind of stuff. They said I could take iron to help prevent anemia. It was also mentioned that the third through the sixth treamtment might get rough. I know there are those who have been on this cocktail, Carbo, taxotere & Hercpeton. Can anyone share words of wisdom? In what way if at all did it get rougher? I have had no nausea. I drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. I always get a little nervous when I have Chemo. Hope everyone is doing well.

Hugs & God Bless


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    Hi Becky
    I had the same

    Hi Becky

    I had the same combo of chemo and herceptin as you had above for 6 rounds back in 2007-2008...It seems with each additional treatment I got tired but that was pretty much it. Keep drinking the water and keep your faith.

    Take care and hugs back to ya
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    currently on same cocktail
    Hi Becky,
    I am currently on the same cocktail that you are on. I have my chemo. 1X every 3 weeks. My 6th and last cycle of Herceptin, Taxotere and Carboplatin is on Feb. 19th. I will then continue with Herceptin alone for 11 more cycles and during that time also have 6 weeks of radiation. I was also told by my oncologist that I could take vitamins.

    I have not noticed any difference with my chemo. sessions in terms of it getting more difficult. I take my nausea medication as directed and have not had a problem with that. I also take zantac for three days following my infusion for heartburn. I have not had any side effects from the Neulasta shot. It sounds like you are doing a great job eliminating side effects as they come up. My best advise to you is not to worry about it. I worried about all the side effects I could get and found that I really did not get many at all. I think everyone get's a little nervous before chemo. My doctor prescribed Ativan for me to take before treatment and that really helps me to relax.

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