Could it be Lymphoma or a result of skin moles/skin tag removal

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I recently had several moles & skin tags removed from my upper body & neck region. These first "suspicious" moles came back benign. But I now have a pea size lump on my neck near the back.

I also had a suspicious mole removed from my foot (benign) and I have also found a pea size lump in my groin.

Could these be a result of these "minor" surgeries, or something more serious?

I do have some other symptoms of lymphoma:
1. Fatigue (but I have been this way for 2 - 3 years)
2. Drenching Night Sweats (again, for a few years)

So I don't know whether I should be worried or not. I go back to the dermatologist next week to have more moles and tags removed.

*** I do NOT know whether or not these nose were swollen prior to the previous surgeries. I happend upon them a couple of weeks later. ***

Any answers would be welcome.

Thank you


  • catwink22
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    Get checked!
    Hi Hoosier,
    Drenching night sweats is your body telling you something. You could have an infection, menopause, TB, lymphoma or any number of things. Why wait and wonder especially if it's something that can be treated or God forbid something serious that you are missing and didn't catch in the important early phase? The fact that you're on this website writing in for answers is saying that you have enough of a concern that you should call your physician -today- and at least get a professional's opinion of whether it's minor or something more serious. Good Luck!! Cat