Dry Mouth (xerostomia)

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Anyone familiar with dry mouth after rad. therapy??
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    Dry mouth
    Hi, I received RAI treatment for Thyroid Cancer in July of 09. Which is Radioactive Iodine. About one month ago I went to see a Head and Neck Dr. and he told me that due to the radiation I had what is called a Dry Mouth. My symptoms are that mainly at night my tongue gets stuck to my gums. And it is very hard to get it unstuck. It sounds funny but that is how it is. Also, my dry mouth is only one my left side. I would like to know what kind of symptoms you have and how the dr. came upon the diagnosis of a dry mouth.
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    dry mouth
    I had some dry mouth during chop-r chemo for hodkins/non hodgkins (yup, both at the same time) i found a mouthwash called BIOTENE. it is alcohol free and it helped alot. it is a bit more expensive, but you do not use much at a time. it also helped with my canker sores.