chemo, then double masectomy, then radiation, then reconstruction

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Has anyone had chemo, then double masectomy and lymph node removel, then radiation, then reconstruction in that order? If so, does the plastice surgeon come to the double masectomy? Please tell me what you think I should know about the whole process. I am unhappy that I have to wait 4 - 6 months after radiation to begin reconstruction - how did that go?


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    I had four rounds of chemo which shrunk my cancer and made it easier to remove and gave me great margins. I had a bilateral masectomy in Dec. with expanders put in at the time and I will have 2 more rounds of chemo. When I was first diagnoised they said I would need radiation after surgery. I was told I could get expanders put in at the time of surgery. I would have them filled to the size I wanted and then I would have radiation. After several months of healing I could then have implants put in depending on how my body responded to the radiation. Because the chemo before sugery was so sucessful the Onc. and the pathology report after surgery was good he is saying I might not need radiation. I still have to talk to the radiation doc. next week before I know for sure. When you have radiation it can break down your muscles and this can cause problems with an implant being able to be used. Scar tissue forms and causes problems witht he implant. My plastic surgeon said I could wait until after radiation and have reconstruction where they take muscle from my stomach or back and rebilled the breast that way. They use fat or an implant to get the size right. I did not want to wait. I hope this information helps some. I know there are people that are father along in this process that can give you more information.
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    In that order:)
    I have had the same, 6 rounds of chemo, then surgery, left side mastectomy with lymph node removal, then 28 treatments of radiation. I was told I had to heal before reconstruction, probably seven to eight months after radiation, which I finished Dec 23rd. My plan is to have a skin sparing mastectomy on my right breast at the time of reconstruction, hoping to lower my recurrance percentage, I don't know if it will, but here's hoping.
    I felt that having chemo first was very rewarding because I was able to see and feel the tumor shrink and after my 5th chemo treatment, I had an Mri and the results were very good, lymph nodes had shrunk down to no visible sign of cancer and my tumor was down to less than 1cm, so that was very good.
    I have a post petscan on Feb 12, that I'm nervous about, I guess that is something we all will be nervous about for a while...ugh
    Prayers to everyone!!
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    My mom had 12 weekly
    My mom had 12 weekly applications of Paclitaxel + Herceptin, then 12 weekly applications of FEC75+Herceptin, she finished last week.
    She will have double masectomy on February 18th, the plastic surgeon will reconstruct left breast since she will have radiotherapy on the right one. 6-8 months after the radiotherapy they will reconstruct her right breast with expansors. She will continue with Herceptin for 6 more moths.
    She is doing great! It has been hard for all the family, but we are so greatful for her life!
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    I didn't have the chemo first, or the double, but because there is a good chance that I will need radiation I am postponing the reconstruction till later. My PS came to my mastectomy and put a tissue expander in (I spoke to 2 different PS's that both suggested this) If I need radiation, he will exchange it for an implant (because it's smaller than the expander) and after radiation I will have a DIEP flap procedure done. If I don't end up with radiation, I will most likely still have the flap done. Both PS seemed to think the tissue expander is better than nothing, I'm not sure I agree or not since I'm at the very beginning of the process.

    Good luck,