Boyfriend with Breast Cancer

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Hi..I'm Cathy and my boyfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer. He had a mascetomy of the left breast and 13 nodes removed, the sentinel being the only was affected, other 12 clear. He starts his chemo of taxatere, carboplatin and herceptin in two weeks. Any men out there who have breast cancer who want to share or talk I would love to speak to. This is so uncommon, and has taken us for a loop. It started out with gynocomastia, and thank god the surgeon decided to just "clean it out" when he found a 2.7 cm tumor hiding behind it. The mammogram showed nothing but the gynocomastia!...


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    Please let your boyfriend know
    that we are all here for him - probably the only time in his life he will have this many girlfriends!!! Let him know that my thoughts and prayers for ease and comfort are with him and the same for you - you are a wonderful person to be here for him in this difficult time - blessings - Sunnie
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    Male BC
    My neighbor's brother just had his SECOND mastectomy in Nov.......his physician told him that male breast cancer isn't as rare as we think it is and they are seeing more and more of it..Thankfully your boyfriend had a good surgeon......sadly, when men find a lump they never think breast cancer and many don't seek treatment soon enough......

    You sound like a wonderful person and your boyfriend is lucky to have you......he's going to need your love, support and comfort in the days ahead.......he's going to have some lousy days where he will need you.....please feel free to keep posting with any questions.....he maybe male but his treatments will be the same as the women here......we are a WEALTH of information, so ask away! We've all been in his shoes........

    Peace be with you both
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    Welcome, Cathy
    I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend's diagnosis, but like you said, it is good that the surgeon was so thorough. Men with breast cancer often have the additional challenge of being diagnosed with a supposedly "female" disease. This can be difficult for even the most "evolved" men. There are at least two men I know of with breast cancer who post on this site. Hopefully they can chime in. It might be important for your boyfriend to find a support group of men, even if it is only online, to talk to. He will need you very much in the next few months. Good luck to both of you and please tell your boyfriend that he is welcome here anytime.