Father suffering from AML cancer . Need advice urgently !

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I need help. My father (55 years) is suffering from AML from 2 years now. He was diagnosed in April 2007.He was advised BMT transplant but he opted out for it because of high risk factors. His cancer relpased 1st time in Jan last year and he was given a chemotherapy again. He was cancer free till November 2009 and was on herbal medicines and was controlling his diet. His cancer relapsed 2nd time now last year in December 2009. He has been in and out of hospital since then. He platellets count has gone down since then and the blast is also very high. He is on life support now and has developed cough due to infection. The doctors cannot do another chemo since he is too old for it. Is there any medicine to reduce the blast or any other cure? pls help......


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    Hi Ishna,
    I'm not sure where

    Hi Ishna,

    I'm not sure where you are but there a lot of study drugs out there. My mom was taking one called ENMD-2076 (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/171085.php) that dramatically dropped her blasts. The Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto Canada is leading this I believe but may be in other locations too.

    I just lost my mom 2 weeks ago but her Leukemia was under control cuz of this drug. Another thing we didn't get a chance to try fully is a herbal drug called NTENSE-2 (http://www.rain-tree.com/ntense2.htm). I think it was helping my mom get her platelets up but unfortunately we couldn't continue with it cuz of the study drug.

    I wish you all the best!
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    I am an AML survivor. I was
    I am an AML survivor. I was dx in March 2009 and have been in remission since April 2009.

    You have to be cautious with herbals. Make sure your father's doctor knows ALL herbal supplements taken to ensure that they do not have harmful interactions or that they inhibit the action of any drugs he is taking. Simple calcium inhibited my antibiotics, so I had to be especially careful about my calcium intake to make sure my antibiotics protected me during periods where my white counts were zero.

    I spent 18 days in a medically induced coma due to complications and I pulled through. stick with your father. the problem with AML as I understand it is that if chemo doesn't control it, a bone marrow transplant is your last resort. the previous poster's mention of potential experimental drugs is a good one. You will need to research them and talk to your father's doctors about possibilities.

    I know it would be hard with him in his current condition, but it might be worth calling other doctors to review his case.