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Hi all, I’d like to say it’s a pleasure to be here, but it’s not.
I'm a M 58 year old and found out on Saturday that the cancer is going to cost me my bladder and I’m scared and worried. Thought I’d find others that have been through this for some real information and someone to talk to that understand what’s going on, so here I am.
Brief history:
Sept 2009:
Lots of blood and clots in urine went to the urologist and he did the scope thing. Took one look and scheduled the first surgery to scrap the tumors out and get the kidney tube opened up.
November/December 2009:
Had 8 BCG treatments and felt things were going good. Didn’t get too sick after the treatments and thought that this thing was whipped.
January 2010:
Started having difficulty going and felling a lot of pain in left kidney area. Went back to the urologist and did the scope thing again. Once again he took one look and scheduled the second surgery. This time he took out a couple tumors out and found the tube from the kidney again. Afterward he and I (and Chris, she’s my strength is this thing) had a very sobering talk about how aggressive this thing really is.(T3) During the talk he said we need to move fast on this and get the blader and prostate out. He also said he would biopsy the lymph nodes at the same time to find out where we’re at on this.
Thursday, this week:
Chris and I are meeting with doc and make a decision on Thursday. There really aren’t any alternates here, after reading about the survival rates for guys like me I know what I have to do. That’s where the fear comes from.
I'm intrested in any and all information any of you can provide.
Anyway, sorry for the long post, but it does feel good to put this thing in writing.


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    My husband just had the
    My husband just had the surgery on Tuesday for Carcinmona Insitu which is in thelining of the bladder and also very agressive. He had gone through the BCG treatment for 5 years and this just kept coming back. There are different ways to do the surgery and you need to check with your doctor. There is one where they maybe able to connect your intestine to another area (prostate) if they can not remove your prostate so that you will not end up with a bag and be ablet o go to the bathroom normally which is what they were able to do with my husband. Surgery took 6 1/2 hrs as he had scare tissue from radiation when he had prostate cancer. The other 2 ways would involve having a bag and would the other is having to catherized your self (which I do not recommend). Have you gotton 2nd and third opinions? Where do you live? There is also robotic surgery done at the City of Hope and USC that is less invasive and quicker healing time.I have really researched this topic out so please let meknow if you need doctors names who are really the expert in this field. Our doctor is one of the top surgeons and located in Santa Monica California.
    Good luck!